Welcome to the AwesomeBox Blog!

You may be asking "Why AwesomeBox?" When I was setting up an Amazon EC2 instance (a "box") I needed a domain name. From the very beginning I knew it was going to be awesome. It was going to be one awesome box. It was going to be... AwesomeBox! Throw a .net on the end and you got yourself one fine domain name.

I use AwesomeBox to consolidate and host my web-based projects. It is a humble Amazon free-tier EC2 instance. I play with a few stacks so there is a lot running on it including: httpd, Tomcat, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PHP, node.js, etc.. I also have some helpful programs and web services installed such as Mutt, phpMyAdmin, Ghost (duh), vsftpd, sendmail, etc..

This blog won''t be just about programming, but also my various other projects and hobbies like homebrewing.

See you soon for my first real post!

Mike Moore

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Austin, TX
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