Fix for Linksys EA3500 with OpenWRT 2.4GHz Wifi not working

tl;dr: In /etc/config/wireless, under the config wifi-device 'radio0' section, change the option hw_mode 'lla' line to option hw_mode 'llg'. See the bottom of this post for an example. Here is my thread on the OpenWRT forums. I recently installed OpenWRT firmware on my Linksys EA3500… read on

Fix for FFmpeg "protocol not on whitelist" Error for HTTP(S) URLs

tl;dr: Use -safe 0 and -protocol_whitelist file,http,https,tcp,tls arguments. Full example at very bottom. I was trying to use FFmpeg's concat demuxer like so: # inputs.txt file '' file '' ffmpeg -f "concat" -i "./inputs… read on

Running LEGO Rock Raiders on XP without manually disabling DirectDraw

The only way I could find to be able to run LEGO Rock Raiders on XP was to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DXDiag) and click the disable button next to "DirectDraw" before starting the game. Then I would have to re-enable it afterwards. This is a pain to do… read on

Fast JSHint Git Pre-Commit Hook

If you use a linter like JSHint for your JavaScript projects, here is a way to automatically ensure all code is linted before commiting. You could have a very simple pre-commit hook like this: #!/bin/sh # # Lints files with jshint before commiting them. jshint However, if you have a large… read on

JSHint Changed Files Only

Do you use a linter like JSHint for your JavaScript projects? Has running jshint to lint your entire project become slow? Do you use git to version your project? If so, this script will solve your slow linting problems. It uses git to detect which files have been changed and… read on

Highlighting Code in Ghost

Syntax highlighting/formatting code makes it much easier to read. Just look at how much better this is: function test() { console.log("Hello world!"); } than this: function test() { console.log("Hello world!"); } Thus, I want the code in my blog posts to be highlighted. I want to be able to… read on